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One Way to Handle a Widow's Grief - Buy Stuff

My home on the Eastern Shore of Maryland My husband, Dan passed away a little over a month ago. I'm grieving like all widows do.  I found that I could steal some wonderful moments of happiness as well as focus away from my grief, by doing home improvements and decorating. Doing up the house is a great distraction from a widow's grief - at least for me.  I live in an old Victorian house in rural Maryland. It's about 2000 square feet and in good shape for a home that was built in 1892. But like all historic homes... it's constant upkeep and repair. Something always needs to be fixed. For the last ten years, Dan and I did nothing to improve the d├ęcor. Our house is a mishmash of things we've collected over the years, things our kids left behind, and way too many mementos. Nothing matches. Our fourteen-year-old couch sags in the middle, is too big for the living room, and has black magic marker stains on the arms from when our twin granddaughters were toddlers. I abhor t

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