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Mindie Burgoyne, is a travel writer, blogger, author, tour operator and speaker. Her focus is traveling within the context of a story to mystical - magical places that stir the mind and spirit.

Her tour company has three subsidiaries - Chesapeake Ghost Tours - a cluster of 11 regional ghost walks on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Thin Places Mystical Tours - annual tours and travel services to mystical/sacred sites in Ireland, and Travel Hag Adventures - a travel club for girlfriends.

Mindie has written six books on regional travel and her writings and photographs have been featured in the Baltimore Sun, CBS News, National Geographic Television Network, the Today Show, Maryland Life Magazine, What's Up Eastern Shore, the National Catholic Reporter, Guideposts, the Vancouver Sun, Metropolitan Magazine and Notre Dame Magazine as well as numerous business and travel websites. Mindie currently runs four blog sites, three focusing on travel and one on opinion - her opinion.


Writing Has Led Her Success

Formerly the publisher of Trinity Music and The Pastoral Press in Washington, DC, Mindie and her husband, Dan have moved to the rural Eastern Shore of Maryland where she continues to write, craft and guide tours and speak at conferences and events.

Whenever they can make time, they roll along American roads with r-pod in tow, scouting out the best fishing spots, flatwater kayaking trails, historic towns, haunted houses, and friendly people along the way. This makes for interesting writing.

"My writing has driven all of my revenue streams" Mindie states. "Writing about Ireland and the Haunted Eastern Shore created the interest in tours to these places. Then my use of social media to promote my writing and tours led to an interest in training and speaking about the uses of social media platforms, marketing and virtual tours to various destinations.

She readily admits that while she loves the tours and speaking, writing is her passion. It is where all the "newness" happens. Mindie admits that she hates the writing process. "Crafting written work is art. It's making something out of nothing, and that creation is seen only in the reader's imagination. It's hell. But the sense of accomplishment that washes over you when you discover people are actually reading your work and being changed by it is the addictive element that drives you to do it all over again."


Life on the Eastern Shore of Maryland

Fergus, Grainne and √Čile
Because landscape and surroundings matter to the Burgoynes, Mindie and Dan moved from the Washington DC suburbs to the rural Eastern Shore of Maryland in 2002 - once the last of their six children were grown and gone.

  They could have chosen anywhere in the world to live. Dan, who is from central Maine and Mindie, a lifelong Marylander, found that the Eastern Shore of Maryland with its wild landscapes, friendly people and slow pace of life was close enough to visit friends and family, yet far enough away from the hectic pace of suburban life.

  They bought a 120 year old Victorian house in a small community that was the southern-most point in Maryland. There they can engage in their passions for gardening, fishing, photography and writing. Because they are close to the beach, family and friends visit often in the summer. The rest of the year they share their lives with three large dogs - Fergus (a Newfoundland) and yellow lab sisters Grainne and √Čile and a few dozen free range chickens that produce dozens of fresh, organic eggs.

Full Bio can be found at Visit Mindie's Website - Writing the Vision

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WRITER / AUTHOR Mindie is the author of five published books – In addition to Haunted Eastern Shore, published by History Press, she wrote Snow Hill: Images of America and Easton: Then and Now about historic towns on the Eastern Shore of Maryland published by Arcadia Publishing Company. Her next book, Thin Places: Celtic Doorways to the Otherworld, is about mystical places in Ireland – or places where the veil between this world and the eternal world is thin.

Mindie blogs on Travel: The Travel Hag, Thin Places – Doorways to the Eternal World, Thin Places Mystical Tour of Ireland, and Chesapeake Ghost Walks
Mindie's opinion blog: Who Cares What I Think?
Mindie's blog on Marketing & Social Media: Wisecraic

On Travel - Mindie speaks on a variety of travel topics and does "virtual tours" from the podium for travel groups, conferences, community colleges and non-profits associated with travel and outdoor recreation. Subjects include travel to haunted and sacred places, traveling with purpose, and travel for women.
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On Social Media and Marketing - Because of her personal success in using social media platforms, Mindie also trains and speaks on the use of Social Media to grow a business or platform. Her client list includes Universities, Colleges, Non-profits, Businesses and Community Organizations. She averages about 50 speaking engagements per year.
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