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Dont Be Cheap. Give Her a Dozen Roses - history of roses, Valentines Day and Love

Give her roses this Valentine’s Day

Nothing says “I love you” like one dozen, long-stemmed roses (except maybe two dozen).  Don’t fall for that hype that is expressed in poetry … “a single rose of love – a single love never to be broken”. Single roses are for cheap givers.  Give her at least one dozen on Valentine’s Day – the feast that celebrates love.

Every year, my husband gives me two dozen roses. He spent fifteen years in the floral industry as a designer, shop owner and grower of cut flowers. He told me that they'd always laugh at the few dummies that would buy "one single rose" for their dearest loves.

"You could see the love in their eyes - the ones who bought a dozen roses - or two dozen" he said. "But the guy who bought one rose, always had a big story about how one rose was more meaningful."

Get a grip, guys. Think of your true love. Does she want one single rose when she could have a dozen?  That's like asking if she's rather hav…

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