More Plagiarism on the Internet - Thank You Vancouver Sun

Two weeks ago it was the University of Denver. Today I found Vancouver Sun has my image posted on its blog.  Take a look at the post of Douglas Todd for October 29th entitled Thin Places Don't Only Open at Halloween.  The first photo is of Glendalough in Countly Wicklow.  I took it last year.  The same photo appears on my Thin Places blog post What Are Thin Places?

It's amazing how it's the big guys who steal from the little guys.  I'll tell them to take it down, and they will... but what reparation will they offer?  Shame on the Vancouver Sun and shame on Douglas Todd.

If you read further down, you'll see Mr. Todd references the photo with a link to my blog post in the wierd context of this sentence:

The intriguing concept of "thin places" has been picked up across religious traditions, as well as by those who consider themselves spiritual but not religious. (Evocative photo left from website, Thin Places.)
What the heck kind of credit is that?  His credit should read "the lead photo for this post appearing at the top of the page - just under the lead sentence after my blog post title (scroll up a screen), I lifted without permission from Mindie Burgoyne's Thin Places blog - see link."

His lame credit for the photo is buried lower in the blog in a sentence that offers no relevance to the photo unless when he states "...consider themselves spiritual but not religious" he means me, in which case, I'm offended.

This isn't okay.  It's my photo. It's my property.  It's illegal to lift a photo without permission.

Had Douglas Todd asked permission, I would have gladly said yes.  This is another case of the powerful exploiting the weak in the writing / blogging community.


  1. Gee whiz, really? I admire your vigilance, Mindie, not to mention your creativity in writing and taking awesome photos!

  2. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Maybe they should pay you what they would pay a photographer for the photo. I'd ask for that.