3 Questions to Ask a Social Media Expert

Social Media Experts have no credibility if they can't get some measurable result using social media themselves.

I found two blog posts this morning on how to evaluate someone's claim to be a social media expert.  One post was by Chris Kieff - a widely followed blogger and another (rebutting Chris Kieff's post) was by Danny Brown.  In my opinion, both these talented guys missed the number one qualifier in evaluating a social media expert.
Getting results.

You can't evaluate anyone's expertise with social media without examining his or her results any more than you could evaluate a carpenter's expertise without looking at a product he made that demonstrates his carpentry skills.

If you want to assess whether or not a person is a Social Media Expert, ask these three questions first.

  1. What results have you attained that equate to revenue? Anyone can rack up friends, followers and connections.  What have you done with those connections that led to money in the bank?

  2. What is your strategy?  Are you walking down a specific path, with specific steps or shooting in the dark?

  3. What is the platform that is most beneficial for getting results?  Why?

The answers to these three questions should take some time to answer.  Those answers will help you discover whether or not this person can lead you to success with using social media.

As you listen to the answers consider this .... people resent and reject direct selling or direct marketing efforts on EVERY platform - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Blogging.

So if your "expert" reveals that he or she uses these platforms to sell directly, RUN.  This methodology of using the platforms for direct marketing rarely works and only works for a short time.

I think Chris Kieff's post has some valid points, and his 9 points are good for gauging competency and understanding of the platforms. But they only give you glimpse.

An expert must be able to explain a strategy and prove results or the expertise is just valueless hot air.


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